Three Lock Box


Welcome to Three Lock Box, Inc. We are here to meet your needs. Three Lock Box, Inc. was founded on the principles of quality and service. Our mission is to provide every orthotist with superb products, exceptional service and prompt delivery. We are committed to maintaining total customer satisfaction. Our customer loyalty is testimony to this standard. 


Three Lock Box currently offers the BraceLock  (HCPCS L2768) for fabricating a convertible KAFO to AFO and/or KO.  This is a small form factor cam locking device usually fabricated on the back of the calf which locks the Knee and Ankle portions of a thermoplastic KAFO.   The joint formed by the BraceLock is stronger, smaller, and more visually appealing than other alternatives on the market today.  The patient can quickly disconnect the upper and lower sections.


The BraceLock is distributed by PEL Supply Company and  Cascade.  We also offer the BraceLock direct either online or by calling 812-552-6328.  The BraceLock retails for $95 and comes with directions, fabrication instructions, and is supported by technicians and orthotists with hundreds of fabrication.  Three Lock Box is supported by orthotists and prosthetists with over 20 years of experience with lower extremity orthotics and custom fabrications from carbon fiber to thermoplastic and other polymers.


Click here to watch the BraceLock in action!


The BraceLock has also been fabricated into a Transtibial Prosthesis.  Check out this innovative fabrication technique.  (HCPCS L2768). This offers a very easy and slimline way of quickly disconnecting the upper and lower sections.


The BraceLock is a quick disconnect device that can convert a thermal plastic KAFO to an AFO in one easy step.  The box sits centered on the calf.  The thickness of the box is 1cm.  There are no bars left on the AFO when the KO section is removed.  The BraceLock is self contained which means no parts will be lost.


Your customers will benefit greatly from quickly converting a KAFO to an AFO with this innovative device.  No special tools are required for donning / doffing the orthotic.  Because of its exceptional design strength, the BraceLock is capable of being used for a wide variety of patients - from pediatrics to adults.


We also have other orthotic product designs currently in process.  Watch for new items as they are released through this website and with our distributors.